Selfie Stick Not Working On Redmi Note 4 ? Check This Demo Video And Selfie Stick Settings

Selfie stick not working on Mi Redmi Note  Selfie stick not working on Redmi Note 4 ? Check this demo video and selfie stick settings

Selfie stick not working on Mi Redmi Note 4? Check out this video for selfie stick demo on Redmi Note 4 and settings required.

Redmi Note 4 and Selfie Stick Demo and Settings.

Note: This video is made for some users who commented on other Selfie Stick related video on Redmi Note 3 ( YouTube Video Link Here) stating that selfie stick does not work on Redmi Note 4. This video demonstrates selfie stick on Redmi Note 4 and the settings required to use selfie sticks.

On Redmi Phones, the following settings be checked to use selfie sticks:

1) On the Camera Settings
  • Open the Camera and go to it's settings by long pressing the hidangan button on the phone
  • Scroll down and look for "Volume Button Function"
  • Make sure the "Volume Button Function" is set to "Shutter"
  • This will enable the camera to take pictures using the volume buttons
  • Test by click a photo using the volume button.
2) On the Mi Phone Settings 
The second settings is required on Mi Phones.
  • Open the phone's settings
  • Tap on Additional Settings
  • Tap on "Headphone and Audio effects"
  • Tap on Headphone Remote Button...
  • Set to "Control Volume Level"
  • This sets the headphone's remote button to control volume level instead of music playback. Since the selfie sticks use the standard 3.5 mm audio jack, this is required. And this additional settings is as per Mi phones. On other phones, the setting hidangan names may vary or may not be required. But if the phone has additional settings related to music playback and headphone effects, do check those settings.
Now plugin in the selfie stick and test. It should work. It is confirmed as shown in the video above.


In some cases, even after applying all the settings described above, the selfie stick might still not work. In such cases, try this workaround which was shared by a read on this post:

Check out this workaround if it works for you:
1. Remove the selfie stick from the Mi Phone if it is inserted.
2. Lock the phone
3. Plug in the selfie stick
4. Unlock the phone
5. Test

Tested on a selfie stick which was otherwise not working with Redmi Note 4 earlier.

Does it work for you?
If it does, kindly let us know in the comments with your phone model details.

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