Kaizen - The Japanese Strategy Of Continuous Improvement


KAIZEN way continuous improvement Kaizen  is a strategy where employees at all levels of a fellowship function together proactively to accomplish regular, incremental improvements to the manufacturing process. In a sense, it combines the collective talents inside a fellowship to do a powerful engine for improvement. The KAIZEN STRATEGY calls for never ending efforts for improvement , involving everyone inwards the organization - managers ans workers alike . The basic concept of KAIZEN is to acquaint to come across requirements together with growth productivity . It talks almost small-scale , incremental steps towards perfections equally opposed to the big bang approach which may postulate big investment .

The source of Kaizen tin live on traced to the character Guru doc W. Edwards DEMING ( it was developed past times Hoomer Sarasoh together with Charles Pratzman inwards 1950 ) but it was Masaki Imai who popularized the concept together with made it a revolution around the basis . According to Imai , ninety % of all corporate problems tin live on solved using mutual feel together with next the concept of continuous improvement . He defines Kaizen equally "a way of continuous improvement inwards personal life , habitation life , social life together with working life" .

 10 Tips for KAIZEN : 

  1. Discard conventional fixed ideas
  2. Thinks of how to do  it , non why it cannot live on done
  3. Do non brand excuses . Starts past times questioning electrical current practices
  4. Do non attempt for perfections . Do it straightaway fifty-fifty if for 50 % of target
  5. Correct it away if you lot brand mistake
  6. Do non pass coin for Kaizen . Use you lot wisdom
  7. Wisdom is brought out when faced alongside hardship
  8. Ask why 5 times together with attempt root causesn
  9. Seek the wisdom of the people rather tha the cognition of on
  10. Kaizen ideas are infinite

The 5 "S" Concept

  1. SORT - identify needed iteams
  2. STRAIGHTEN - Put iteams inwards right place
  3. SHINE - keep the iteams together with the function surface area clear
  4. SYSTEMISE - set standards into house together with monitor

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