Ibms Rational Enterprise Modernization Sales Test

Certification courses and exams are rapidly gaining popularity in the business and IT industry around the globe. One of the pioneers of certification programs is IBM, the International Business Machines Corporation. Thomas J. Watson was the founder of IBM back in the year 1911, June 16 to be precise. The International Business Machines Corporation is a multinational company that is based in New York, America.
IBM generally deals with the computer software and hardware trade but they are also know to be involved with IT consulting services alongside computer hosting, infrastructure and nanotechnology. IBM's certification programs have helped many candidates all over the world improve their basic knowledge and skills.
A classic example of IBM's certification test is the 00M-650 test which is also known as the Rational Enterprise Modernization Sales Test v1. This test consists of 36 questions and each candidate is allocated 75 minutes to complete the test. The test will be conducted in English whilst the passing percentage is 75%.
Passing this test will officially make you an IBM Rational Enterprise Modernization Sales Professional. Well, let's not count the chicks before they hatch and prepare for the exam first. The best way to tackle this exam is to understand all the topics that are included and cover all of them. There are 11 sections in this exam and each section carries its own amount of marks.
The first section is called Understand the Clients Business Environment which is worth 6% and candidates are quizzed on how modern projects suit customers today. The second section of this exam is referred to as Understand the Clients IT Environment which is worth 3%. Candidates are supposed to understand the barriers and obstacles faced my clients in the IT world. The third section is somewhat related to the first and is entitled Understand the Risks Associated with Modern Projects, 6% too.

The fourth section is dubbed Revitalizing Existing Applications and candidates must be able to provide all the solutions required to obtain the full 17% in this section. The fifth section is named Enterprise Modernization - Powering the Developers, 17% too. Here, the candidates will be required to explain about the perks of modern Integrated Development Environments. The sixth section of this exam is called the Unify Team and the total percentage of this section is 11%. Candidates must be well versed with the basics of JAZZ platforms and Rational Team Concert.
Cross-Platform and Language Support is the seventh section and this sections deals with Power Systems and system Z. Multi-platforms is also included in this topic and this whole section is worth a mere 6%. The 8th section is referred to as Optimizing Infrastructure, 10 % and the topics included here involve IBM compilers, MIPS and CPU alongside XL Compilers. The 9th section is named Business
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