Hph/R28/Ugoos Ut3 Rk3288 2014/11/17 Rom V1.2 Past Times Mo123

HPH/R28/UGOOS UT3 RK3288 2014/11/17 ROM v1.2 yesteryear mo123

HPH/R28/UGOOS UT3 RK3288 2014/11/17 ROM v1.2 yesteryear mo123

Changelog v1.2

Based on 2014/11/12 v1.3.35 ROM

- Update novel librk_on2
- Blu-ray : back upwards 3d ui
- Surface: fixed the põrnikas that cover piture is dark color when cover capture
- U-boot: bootloader(v2.17.02) updated
- NAND DRIVER: Fix reboot inwards nand driver issue
- Rga/rga2 driver mistake treatment fixed
- Update loader to 2.17
- Update uboot from rk_develop_box
- Fix around 4k h.265 crash
- Update ffmpeg
- RK: ion: add together trial tracer
- RK3288 hdmi: modify 74.25MHz pll config.
- Mmc: workaround DDR mmc devices internal divider bug
- Disk: to back upwards the ext4 file system u-disklog:remove the invalid printk
- DDR : produce non laid the frequency when ddr initialization
- USB: create grip NAK for IN/OUT SSPLIT/CSPLIT transfers
- HDMI&FB : Temporary produce non automatically switch fb when HDMI plugging
- wifi->ap6335 - Update the firmware, strengthen the novel module compatibility
- Ethernet:gmac: create the põrnikas of connective failure amongst PHY because of incorrect phy_addr
- Fix app install-external mistake when app2sd is non supported
- Pppoe:fix the põrnikas of no upstream for hotspot when pppoe is connected
- Update Camera driver
- Update videoplayer.apk for around problem

Overclocked CPU to 1.8Ghz
4GB Userdata for Apps yesteryear default
Latest Google Apps
Removed xv Bloatware apps

SPMC v13.3.4(Perfect video playback)
- Can essay forward/backwards without whatever crashes
- Videos play to a greater extent than smoothly
- Most video formats play correctly, inwards Kodi Beta 1/2 around avc/mkv files alone present dark screen, they play correctly
- Passthrough support(some receivers mightiness withal convey hissing sound, alone agency to create that is using unstable Kodi beta 1 PT or hold back for lastly Kodi Helix)
Fixed playback issues equally inwards previous ROM version

Solo Launcher(Replaces Nova Launcher)
- App Drawer Groups
- App Drawer Folders
- Nice as well as fast
- Developer volition add together to a greater extent than columns inwards homescreen inwards side yesteryear side version for TV Boxes.

Exposed Modules
- Youtube Adaway
- Fake Wifi(Enable to run apps/games that require a wifi connective to run)
- Transparent condition bar
- Fake ID + three other safety fixes

Rootcloak - 
Hide root from apps
HDMI Virtual Switch - 
Hide HDMI condition from streaming apps
AdfreeTime - 
For DNS serverSign-up here
DNS Forwarder - 
To enable DNS server on KitKat for AdfreeTime

Wifi tweaks 
as inwards previous version of ROM

support amongst SPMC or Kodi Beta 1 PT app
Changelog v1.0

Based on 20141021, v1.3.9 ROM

- Long pressing the bill of fare push tin show/hide the condition bar.
- Delay 1 2d for Shutter effective time, solved the work of light-green screen
- Solved the work of YOUTUBE video character unable to display 1080P setting.
- Added service flash_recovery2 /system/etc/install-recovery-2.sh, inwards guild to live compatible amongst the YYF script, focus on YYF APK number of chinese version, download as well as install is ok straight afterward root.
- Modify the remote command response, as well as the hidden the push of edit picture, delight opened upwards the painting present compiled from bill of fare actionbar
- IR remote command indicator using the LED trigger control, modify timer delay
- Press the telephone substitution of mutual purpose for a few seconds to switch the trend of mouse
- Added airplay
- Solved the põrnikas of SOC Camera that could non open, the argue is that the CameraHal as well as Driver versions does non match.
- Solved business office of the YUV Camera preview cover flash problem.
- Updated Blueray back upwards for RKVideoplayer.
- Updated RKVideoplayer as well as create around error.
- Update the hdmi output format inwards 4k@60hz
- Fix edid 3d format parse error
- Updated ffmpeg codecs

Extra Mods
- XBMC is replaced yesteryear SPMC 13.3.3(ROM v1.2 replaced this)
Enable Mediacodec as well as disable Libstagefright inwards SPMC Settings for best playback.
Green artifact põrnikas on around videos is fixed.
4K videos at nowadays play amount speed over again without dropped frames.

- YouTube
Can play 1080p character now
YouTube ad-blocker included, install exposed module, activate YouTube module as well as reboot your device. Might non ever function straightaway when YouTube gets updated.

- Launcher
- Can pick out betwixt default & Nova Launcher(ROM v1.2 replaced this)

- ROM is rooted(Thanks to Bob's method)
- Device spoofed equally Samsung Milky Way for improved compatibility
- Fixed work amongst certainly cable apps non working, yesGO, Comcast & Xfinity, drm satellite cable apps that convey issues amongst DRM (solution constitute yesteryear bluesmanuk)
- Improved wifi surgery as well as buffering
- Included Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, SPMC, TuneIn Radio, Terminal app, ES File Manager, Dolphin Browser, BBC IPlayer, MXPlayer & Ad-Away. Reboot yesteryear Petrus
- Most apps updated to latest version, possibly 1 or ii Google apps withal update afterward boot.
- Extra remote files for Mele F10 & other Airmouse etc.

To access 'Developer Options', Click v times on 'About Device' inwards Android Settings.

(Drawer Tabs)
 fixed the põrnikas that cover piture is dark color when cover capture HPH/R28/UGOOS UT3 RK3288 2014/11/17 ROM v1.2 yesteryear mo123

Homescreen - Yours volition hold back unlike amongst other wallpaper & theme
(This subject is included if yous desire to enable it, around other theme, Android L is also good)
 fixed the põrnikas that cover piture is dark color when cover capture HPH/R28/UGOOS UT3 RK3288 2014/11/17 ROM v1.2 yesteryear mo123

New Bootanimation
 fixed the põrnikas that cover piture is dark color when cover capture HPH/R28/UGOOS UT3 RK3288 2014/11/17 ROM v1.2 yesteryear mo123

Download link
HPH RK3288 v1.0 2014/10/26
New: HPH RK3288 v1.2 2014/11/17 - Go to master copy thread here

Connect OTG cable to box as well as PC.
Hold paperclip/toothpick into reset hole piece connecting the ability to box.
It should at nowadays connect. If non reinstall the drivers as well as travail again.

1. Unzip amongst 7z
2. Use the commencement tab of AndroidTool v2.3 to select the Images to flash from the ROM.
(Already set-up yesteryear default)
Default is 4GB Userdata.
3. Click 'LowerFormat'
4. Click 'Run' to flash the ROM
5. Wait v minutes
6. Unplug device from PC.
7. Connect to display.

Don't mix amongst other ROMS since this ROM has unlike system.img as well as latest bootloader inwards boot.img. Can purpose resource.img as well as boot.img from around other ROM if it was released inwards November.
PS: Only purpose default parameter file - rk3288-3.10-uboot.parameter, it is 4GB. Other parameter files volition brick your device.

 fixed the põrnikas that cover piture is dark color when cover capture HPH/R28/UGOOS UT3 RK3288 2014/11/17 ROM v1.2 yesteryear mo123

Solo Launcher
(How to setup App Drawer Groups as well as Desktop Layout)
1. Copy the backup directory to /SDCard/SoloLauncher
2. Go to Solo Launcher Settings - Click Restore Solo Settings & Desktop Backup
Restore the backups shown

Any suggestions, improvements or bugs, delight share, thence I tin create it or study it.

Might necessitate these files also if the master copy ROM doesn't boot.

Please teach to original thread for download link as well as to study issues if the ROM doesn't function on Ugoos UT3.

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