How To Resolve Duplicate Music Files, Folders And Refresh Music On Miui Stock Music Player?

duplicate music files song history issue miui redmi phone How to resolve duplicate music files, folders and refresh music on MIUI stock music player?
Are there duplicate music files and folders on the MIUI Stock Music Player? Are the music files same even after removing the SD Card where the music files are actually stored? In this post we will explore the following issues encountered on Redmi Note 3 phone and how it was resolved.

Issues encountered were:
1) In the stock music player on MIUI 8, there were duplicate music folders with the same number of music files in each of the folders. The music files in each of the folders were also same, but the music files in one of the folder played while the others didn't.

2) Even after removing the SD Card, and rebooting, the MIUI stock music player has the same list of music files and folders. But then attempting to play, it displayed file is not supported or corrupted. The issue is due to cache data. And unfortunately, there is no options in the music player settings to refresh the music files and folders.

How to resolve the duplicate music files issue on MIUI Redmi Android Phone and how to refresh the song and folders?

Watch this short demo video to learn more about the issues and how to resolve the issues.

Note: I have only encountered this issue on MI Redmi Note 3 Android Phone. This issue is not check with other phones.

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