How To Create Categories Pages In Blogger?

In this Blogger Tips post, we will see how to create category pages in Blogger. As we know, Blogger uses categories called "labels". When we click on a particular label, a page is displayed that had all the posts with that particular label. We can use this feature to create category pages. This will let us show a page in Blogger that corresponds to particular Blogger category or label. This URL of the category page can be used in the "Navigation tab" to let users access different categories in your Blog.

Check out this short video how to create category pages in Blogger:

How To Create Categories Pages In Blogger?
As indicated above, we can use the URL of a category or label to create a page that would display posts that has the particular label. In the example below, we would be using the URL of labels in the navigation kafe to let users access the links to view posts of a particular category. Before we start with this activity, you should already have some posts with labels assigned to each of those posts. Let's say we have about 10 posts with labels "Android", "How To" and "Computer Tips".

1) Login to Blogger dashboard > layout
2) If not already added, add a new "labels" gadget and place it anywhere you like
3) If not already added, add a new "Pages" gadget and place it anywhere you like, preferably on the sidebar (vertically) or below the site's title and description (horizontally)
4) Save the arrangement
5) Now open a new tab on your browser and view the blog.
6) Find the "Labels" gadget we just added.
7) Right-click on any one of the label and click "Copy Link"
8) Go back to the other tab where Blogger Layout is open.
9) Click on the edit link on the "Pages" gadget
10) Click "Add External Link" and paste the link of the label we copied on step 7. Name the link too, say "Android".
11) Repeat steps 7 and 10 for as many category links you want to provide. When you are done, scroll down and click "Save".

Now view the blog in a browser and click on the links you have added in the navigation bar. Each tab in the navigation kafe is a link to a category page. On clicking the link or tab, a category page is opened and the post related to the label or category is displayed.

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