Find Out Why The Cloud Is More Secure And How Cloud Systems Can Actively Protect Your Firm.

With an abundance of data breaches appearing in tech headlines in the past two years alone, IT decision makers are looking for solutions that will protect their organizations' confidential data that is being exchange from email and from online file sharing tools. Though standard email and file sharing tools are very convenient for quickly sharing large files and mobile access, they aren't always sufficient to protect files from malware and cyber attacks. Here are a couple of tools and that can help solve the dilemma of sending files securely:
1. Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS)
The use of online file sharing tools has exploded with the widespread use of OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. These tools are free and are used to store and sync various forms of data such as photos, videos, and documents to multiple devices. Though online file sharing tools are a convenient way to access data from anywhere, they don't guarantee security to businesses who use them for exchanging corporate data.
Businesses that want to give employees the convenience of online file sharing but need to keep data secure should use a more secure solution such as enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) solutions. These solutions offer the ease of use that employees want for collaborating and sharing documents online while also offering access controls, encryption, auditing and tracking, disaster recovery, and more for IT to control and protect corporate content. Industries that use EFSS solutions can range from architecture companies that need to send and share large design drawings, to marketing teams that want a secure platform to collaborate on projects from anywhere.
2. Secure File Transfer
Although online file sharing tools and EFSS solutions offer the ability to send files to a recipient's email through links, they are mainly used for secure collaboration of shared content. Organizations may need a solution to simply secure the transfer of documents in between existing business systems and applications. In order to give companies a single solution to secure all file transfers, businesses can integrate secure file transfer solutions that are enterprise-grade. Secure file transfer solutions are not merely free online file sharing tools that encrypt files from A to B for a single user, these solutions offer large businesses the ability to integrate secure file transfer into existing processes. For example, a bank uses an enterprise email system to for internal and external communications. If the bank wants to increase the security for its files that are being exchanged, it can integrate a secure file transfer solution that can offload all file exchange to a secure platform either on-premise or somewhere else on the globe in a remote Cloud location. The revolution of Cloud-hosting has given even small organizations the ability to use the most sophisticated file transfer systems without having to host it on-site.
If your organization is using old file transfer systems such as FTP or HTTP, your data may be at risk. Learn how secure file transfer solutions can minimize security frailties and give employees an easier-to-use workflow.

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