5 Best Clipboard Apps For Android 2019

5 Best Clipboard Apps For Android 2019

If y'all are somebody who loves to copy-paste texts, therefore y'all mightiness direct hold faced a province of affairs where y'all would direct hold copied a slice of text in addition to earlier fifty-fifty pasting it elsewhere y'all would direct hold copied something else. And the effect of this mistake? The loss of your previously copied text! And of course, the waste materials of musculus ability required inwards copying those texts. But is at that spot are a solution to this problem? Or nosotros volition choke along on losing precisely about critical texts inwards the take away of copying something else? Well, at that spot is for certain a improve mode to retain your every copied text without losing none. And that is through Clipboard apps.

As clipboard apps are a savior inwards your every re-create text activity needs. As they non entirely keep your every copied text but y'all tin also brand categories within them! In this way, y'all don’t missy anything at all. But although a position out of Android phones don’t come upwards amongst an inbuilt clipboard manager, y'all tin yet larn your hands on them from the Google Play Store. But don’t worry nosotros are doing the heavy piece of occupation for you, equally hither is a listing of v Best Clipboard Apps For Android that volition assistance y'all to grapple your copied texts in addition to volition brand things smoother for you.

v Best Clipboard Apps For Android:

Clipboard Actions

Clipper – Clipboard Manager

Clip Stack – Clipboard Manager

My Clipboard

Clipboard Manager
1. Clipboard Actions

Clipboard Actions is a elementary yet nifty app for your every copied text activity needs. As the app includes almost every convenient characteristic that is non entirely helpful but is certain slowly to use. For using the app, y'all but take away to re-create whatever text in addition to it volition straight larn pasted inwards the condition bar of your notification or inwards a overnice listing inwards the app. Apart from texts, y'all tin also download in addition to portion images in addition to videos amongst precisely ane touching on straight through the app. In addition, ane tin easily heed to their copied items for convenience or for pronunciation amongst the Speakout Clips feature. Also, apart from the primary clipboard features the app also provides amongst a position out of other nifty features too. Such equally currency conversion, telephone vociferation upwards filter, interpret tool, in addition to many such more. So, download Clipboard Actions in addition to practise actions based on your ain copied texts.

Main Features:

Share images/videos.

Speak out Clips.

Link Shortener.

Currency Conversion.


2. Clipper – Clipboard Manager

Clipper – Clipboard Manager is a nifty application which automatically saves everything y'all copy. So that y'all don’t take away to manually re-create in addition to glue everything into the app. Also, within the app, y'all tin practise custom folders for storing your collected clippings, which volition classify in addition to unclutter your copied notes. And for a quicker method, ane tin straight piece of occupation the Clipper app from your condition bar. In this way, non entirely y'all tin salve fourth dimension but tin also easily accept notes inwards Clipper. In addition, the app also comes amongst a Clipper plus version that opens upwards fifty-fifty to a greater extent than convenient in addition to useful features. So, copy, paste, view, edit, in addition to portion your contents without whatever hassle entirely inwards the Clipper – Clipboard Manager app.

Main Features:

Clipboard history in addition to extension.

Easy clipping.

Quick in addition to slowly access.

Organization in addition to editing.

3. Clip Stack – Clipboard Manager

Clip Stack is a free, opened upwards source, in addition to ad-free app to grapple your clipboard conveniently in addition to efficiently. The app, stores in addition to saves all the items y'all manually re-create to your clipboard. So, when y'all kickoff re-create a text, it appears on your condition bar in addition to from at that spot y'all tin access a Clip Stack tab to either edit or to salve your favorites within the app. And the texts y'all seat equally favorites are ever available from the condition bar. But if y'all desire to sack the notifications from the app, y'all tin easily practise it past times swiping on them or amongst the long press method. So, easily copy, share, star, delete in addition to merge every text entirely amongst the Clip Stack – Clipboard Manager app.

Main Features:

Unlimited Clipboards.

Works Everywhere.

Powerful Notification.

Recover text after reboot.

4. My Clipboard

My Clipboard is a powerful clipboard director equally it automatically saves everything that y'all direct hold copied. And y'all tin ever discovery your copied notes inwards the history later. But don’t worry most making your history full, equally the app tin concur upwards to thousands of notes! Also, for a quick search, ane tin seat their clips amongst whatever position out of tags or tin add together it inwards their favorites. As inwards this mode y'all volition discovery your preferred text kickoff inwards the history. And for an 2d in addition to slowly access, y'all tin easily opened upwards My Clipboard at whatever fourth dimension via the notification panel or elementary swipe from whatever corner of the screen. So, shop repetitive pieces of text inwards My Clipboard in addition to re-create them whenever y'all need.

Main Features:

Automatic clipboard history in addition to extension.

Unlimited history of the created notes.

Instant in addition to slowly access.

Editing of notes.

Add notes to favorites.

5. Clipboard Manager

Keep your history inwards a build clean in addition to manageable mode in addition to larn fast access to your notes amongst precisely a few swipes entirely inwards the Clipboard Manager app. You precisely take away to re-create text from anywhere in addition to that clip volition survive added to the app’s history. Also, the app provides amongst unlimited categories which agency y'all tin but re-create in addition to glue endless notes. In addition, the app renders a lot of other useful features too, such equally machine build clean trash, merge notes, machine build clean clipboard content, in addition to many such more. So, grapple your clipboard inwards the best mode possible in addition to never missy whatever of import messages amongst the Clipboard Manager app.

Main Features:

Create unlimited categories.

Copy in addition to glue unlimited notes.

Paste your notes from the keyboard.

Auto build clean trash.

Fast access to recent notes.


So, hither is a listing of v Best Clipboard Apps that y'all tin easily piece of occupation on your Android devices without whatever hassle. Also, a bulk of the mentioned apps tin automatically salve your copied texts. Which agency y'all don’t direct hold to go, in ane lawsuit again in addition to again, to the app for copy-pasting items.

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