16 Best Advertizement Blocker Apps For Android (Our Favourite Collection) 2019 Elevation List

sixteen Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android (Our Favourite Collection) 2019 Top List

If you’re fed upwards of ads popping upwards on your Android device every fourth dimension y'all elbow grease browsing, downloading, or operating an app, you’ve touched downward the correct runway.

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The digital Blue Planet has expanded beyond our imagination, with an audience-reach bigger than always before. And hence, large chunk of our gild straightaway uses the www to farther their career; last it a work concern trying to promote a product/service or a part-time blogger trying to monetize their blog-site. Most ads are inwards sync with your interests. But every bit creepy every bit it may sound, they practice this past times tracking your browsing history or social activities. However, at that topographic point are silent many ads which are only outright annoying, repetitive, in addition to irrelevant.You may also like:Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery

In the illustration of websites which offering their content for free, displaying ads travel critical to their survival, or to gain to a greater extent than popularity. Nevertheless, quite a few of them abuse this money-making opportunity, plaguing the entire site with unwanted commercials in addition to affecting a user’s overall experience; to the request where it becomes absolutely necessary to bound ads. Recently, nosotros have got also shared Best Screen Recording Apps for Android.

We’ve rounded upwards a comprehensive listing of the top-rated Ad-Blocker apps for Android that y'all tin terminate larn to larn rid of those pesky advertisements. Take a look:

Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android 2019


One of the most unremarkably reviewed Ad-blocker app to have got received tons of appreciation, is AdAway. It is maybe the most effective in addition to reliable app that y'all tin terminate currently get. It makes operate of host files to reroute ads to; last it whatever kind, i.e. pop-ups, game-ads, banner ads, etc. You tin terminate fifty-fifty manually blacklist or whitelist websites if y'all postulate to! However, i real of import request to authorities notation is that though AdAway is an open-source app that’s completely costless to download, it is only available to those with rooted phones. If y'all inquire us, we’d tell its totally worth rooting your telephone for this app, if blocking ads is a huge priority for you.


AdClear past times Seven:

AdClear is for y'all non-rooted Android folks in addition to tin terminate last accessed for free. It shuts out non only the encrypted or intrusive ads that y'all come upwards across on several websites but also deters ads on YouTube. To boot, this app has Firewall in addition to Doze features which assist a lot inwards reserving battery in addition to bandwidth, field increasing page load-times. You tin terminate also last assured that no malware would movement into through whatever promotion when using AdClear. Although it doesn’t give y'all the bird of command AdAway does, it for sure does its piece of work incredibly well.



Adguard tin terminate last downloaded past times both, rooted in addition to non-rooted Android telephone users. It is an open-source app that y'all tin terminate download conduct off the Google Play Store, for free. Similar to Adclear, this app besides is VPN-based so aside from barring ads on the web, y'all tin terminate also avoid them across other applications including games. What’s more? Adguard is highly customizable in addition to allows y'all to alternative from twenty different rule-lists pertaining to filtration for ad-blocking. Undoubtedly, it is i of the best promotion blocker apps for Android phone. Having said that, the only limitation is that it doesn’t piece of work on whatever other browsers except Yandex in addition to Samsung Internet.


Adguard Content Blocker


Price: Free

Adblock Browser/Plus:

Unarguably, i of the most pop in addition to efficient ad-blocker apps on Android, Adblock Browser is an open-source app which is available officially on the Google Playstore, for free. Its cousin, Adblock Plus is published past times the same developer, albeit, with a few cardinal differences. The Adblock browser plant extremely good if y'all want to only proceed the ads at bay field browsing on your phone. But if y'all desire to a greater extent than features, such every bit a system-wide ad-blocking including pop-ups, banner ads, field keeping your device rubber from whatever malicious viruses, y'all may desire to larn the Adblock Plus. That said, its suitable entirely for Samsung users running the Samsung Internet 4.0 or higher. Note that both these apps portion on rooted ((more features in addition to customization) every bit good every bit non-rooted phones.


Adblock Browser for Android

Developer: eyeo GmbH

Price: Free


Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet - Browse safe.

Developer: eyeo GmbH

Price: Free


If you’re a tech-savvy person, y'all mightiness last aware that the VPN-based ad-blockers are the best type every bit they travel downward to the DNS bird inwards monastic tell to block ads in addition to host names. Basically, such apps operate DNS to generate a local VPN interface which in addition to so receives all the server-traffic, thereby blocking ads non only on your browsers but across the entire mobile system. These apps are far to a greater extent than advanced in addition to heighten your phone’s overall functioning every bit good every bit battery-life. DNS66 is maybe the best app inwards this category. What’s more? You don’t postulate a rooted device to install this app. The only downside (or upside, depending upon how y'all await at it), is that it mightiness seem slightly hard to operate due to its advance features.



Blokada is a robust ad-blocker for Android that offers summit speed, stability, field ensuring minimal battery in addition to information usage. As with bulk of the apps mentioned on this list, Blokada is also an open-source service that is free, in addition to slow to use. It keeps your personal information rubber in addition to allows y'all to filter the websites that y'all want to last blocked or unblocked. We’ve gone over a legion of forums in addition to review sites earlier listing this app hither in addition to tin terminate confidently recommend it to you. However, y'all must proceed inwards hear that Blokada is non available on the Google Playstore.


Free Adblock Browser:

As the call suggests, Free Adblock Browser is essentially an Android browser which let’s users savor a web-experience sans ads, focusing to a greater extent than on the content they’re truly looking for. You tin terminate operate it to practice away with ads field browsing, pop-ups, auto-play commercial videos, in addition to banner ads. Similar to Blokada, this service protects y'all from online trackers who elbow grease in addition to extract information or consumer behavior. Additionally, it is also real battery-efficient in addition to doesn’t eat upwards information to a greater extent than than required. The best part? It is officially available on the Playstore in addition to is real user-friendly so if y'all only desire a unproblematic app that blocks ads on your browser without going through besides much trouble, this is the i to get!


Free Adblocker Browser - Adblock & Popup Blocker

Developer: Adblock - Rocketshield, Inc.

Price: Free+

You may also similar best telephone band blocker apps for Android.

Adblock Fast:

Adblock Fast is much similar the other ad-blockers listed here. It is free, tin terminate last downloaded from the Playstore, in addition to does non require y'all to beginning your Android device. However, the most unique characteristic of this service is that dissimilar other apps, it fifty-fifty blocks “acceptable ads” so an ad-free spider web sense inwards the truest sense is guaranteed. Other than that it also offers to the lowest degree possible usage of disk space, CPU cycles, in addition to retentiveness space. All the expert materials aside, Adblock Fast is only accessible on devices with Samsung Internet browser (4.0+) so brand sure to install that earlier getting the app itself.


Adblock Fast

Developer: Rocketship Apps

Price: Free

TrustGo Ad Detector:

TrustGo Ad Detector plant inwards a slightly different model every bit compared to all the other ad-blocker apps mentioned here. Although it does block ads, its main portion is to ensure utmost safety field using a mobile application. Simply put, it’ll scrutinize all the apps on your telephone in addition to honor the ones that comprise ads which pose a threat to your privacy. This is real useful because at that topographic point are numerous mobile ad-networks out at that topographic point who elbow grease in addition to pilfer personal information. Bear inwards hear that this app is non available on the Play Store in addition to needs to last installed via a third political party APK file using the link given below.


AppBrain Ad Detector:

As y'all tin terminate possible approximate past times the call itself, AppBrain Ad Detector is an app quite similar to TrustGo, albeit, with an incredibly smart in-built technology. This app is capable of identifying over lxx aspects of mobile apps which tin terminate last a have for annoyance. These include force notifications, “desktop icon spam ads”, in addition to apps that pocket or part your personal information. These features assist y'all to empathise which software have got an access to your information via whatever accounts or messages; so y'all tin terminate ultimately take away them. What’s more? Through AppBrain, y'all tin terminate also bring out out which mobile ad-networks are ingrained inwards the apps (just for reference). Apart from this, of course, it blocks all pop-ups in addition to ads.


AppBrain Ad Detector

Developer: AppTornado

Price: Free

Block This:

Yet about other costless in addition to open-source DNS-based promotion blocker for Android, Block This deserves a lift fifty-fifty though it may non last every bit pop every bit the other apps. It plant on non-rooted phones. However, if y'all elbow grease looking for it on your Play Store, y'all wouldn’t bring out it whatever longer. It straightaway has to last downloaded separately from their official website. That said, Block This boasts of multifarious features including enhanced security, decreased information usage, shield from malware, faster browsing speeds, in addition to less mobile information traffic. Furthermore, it gets rid of all kinds of ads including pop-ups, cookies, in addition to browser ads last it inwards whatever bird – audio, video, or image. An additional characteristic of this app is that it allows y'all to sidestep the censorship dictated past times your meshing provider thereby enabling y'all to access all sites.



NetGuard is an first-class ad-blocker that supports both, rooted in addition to non-rooted Android devices. Though non readily available on the Google Play Store, y'all tin terminate easily larn it online using our download link. Its a breeze non only install it but also operate it since it sports a rather unproblematic in addition to build clean interface. This software sets itself apart inwards that it is ultra customizable. You tin terminate manually add together websites in addition to apps to the listing that y'all desire to deny access your meshing connecter to.


CM Browser:

CM Browser is a simple, yet efficient ad-blocker that tin terminate last availed for costless on the Play Store. It aids inwards blocking pop-ups in addition to other ads field browsing, thereby helping y'all to savor surfing the meshing or downloading content without whatever interruptions. As with many ad-blockers, CM browser too, offers increased web-security in addition to protection of identity. What’s unique close this app is that it tin terminate automatically honor the videos which tin terminate last downloaded in addition to provides a download link for the same. Also, all your browsing history volition last erased correct afterwards exiting the app.


CM Browser - Ad Blocker , Fast Download , Privacy

Developer: Cheetah Mobile Communications

Price: Free

Brave Browser Fast Ad Blocker:

Brave Browser is a free, all-in-one ad-blocker that conceals your identity in addition to personal information from network trackers, past times agency of HTTPS asking enforcements. Obviously, it helps y'all larn rid of ads field focusing on saving battery, deterring cookies, boosting over all speed in addition to functioning of the device. Note that inwards actuality this is a browser in addition to does non block ads or force notifications that y'all larn from other apps on your phone.


Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker

Developer: Brave Software

Price: Free

Cynergy Adskip for YouTube:

As y'all tin terminate tell past times the name, Cynergy Adskip automatically skips the promotion in addition to begins playing the video. It is free, in addition to does non postulate y'all to beginning your device. Its portion may good real basic; however, it does come upwards handy specially for those who honey watching YouTube videos on a daily basis. One affair y'all must call upwards is that inwards monastic tell to operate this software, y'all postulate to enable accessibility service through which it volition last able to tap advertisements.


YuBrowser with Ad Filtration:

If you’re tired of boring browsing speeds on your phone, y'all mightiness desire to consider checking out YuBrowser. This app is specially meant for people using phones running on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The service claims to boost browsing speeds past times upwards to 40%, inwards sure cases, fifty-fifty speedier compared to Google Chrome! As mentioned amongst its name, it also filters ads field keeping y'all rubber from privacy violation. YuBrowser comes with a massive listing of features including powerfulness saving mode, dark mode, swipe controls, spider web refiner, spider web defender, in addition to webpage translation.


YuBrowser - Fast, Filters Ads

Developer: MoKee Open Source Team

Price: Free

To Summarize:

Ad-blockers are unbelievably useful tools that tin terminate truly meliorate your mobil’ing sense past times shutting out pointless in addition to mundane ads that tend to eat upwards our phone’s batteries, data, in addition to space. They also brand sure that your personal information remains personal. Most of the ad-blocker apps listed higher upwards practice piece of work on non-rooted Android phones. However, at that topographic point are a few of them which are only compatible with rooted devices so y'all could either skip them or elbow grease rooting your device. Keep visiting our weblog Dreamy Tricks to larn latest Tech updates.

Let us know if the apps mentioned higher upwards worked for you!

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